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July 29, 2016
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Easy Mexican Dip



Super tasty easy recipe given to me by a close friend.



1 tin of refried beans

4-5 Avocados depending on size

Sour cream

packet taco seasoning mix

4 fresh Tomatoes

1 small tin of corn


the picture has avocados and green peppers I don’t like these so I stick to the basic ingredients above.


The how to.

Mash the refried beans and layer at the bottom of dish

Mash the avocado and layer on top of the refried beans

Mix half a packet or more if you like spice of taco seasoning to the sour cream than layer on top of the Avocado (be sure to cover all the avocado with cream to stop it from going brown)

Place the layered dip in the fridge for 1-2 hours

In the mean time

Dice tomatoes, mix through tinned corn if you like corn and chop up a few leaves of Coriander.

Place the Tomato corn and Coriander mix on top of your layered dip just before serving.


Great with our variety of corn chips in store 🙂